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Backlink Monitor

Monitoring utility that scans listed web pages for backlinks and mentions to your brand.

Accurate monitoring
of your backlinks & mentions

Fully automated monitoring

Stop manually checking if a link has been added. Backlink Monitor is a fully automated monitor of backlinks and mentions that will let you focus on what matters most...

Getting more links.

Day-to-day results

Services like Ahrefs, Moz, are great at some things but will in most cases take weeks or months before finding a link to your site. The longest time it takes our monitor to find a link is 1 day. See how is Backlink Monitor different.

Easy to integrate

Fully capable of handling any workflow. Adding web pages to monitor is fast and easy. 
Supports synchronization with Google Spreadsheets, CSV files and manual entry of monitored web pages.

How is Backlink Monitor used?

Link building
  • small-tickKeep accurate track of your links
  • small-tickGet notified when a link is added or lost
  • small-tickOrganize your websites or clients in projects
Outsourcing work to link builders
  • small-tickGet notified when a link is lost
  • small-tickOrganize delivered links into projects
  • small-tickCompare against competitors


Organized into projects

Organize your clients, websites or freelancers into unlimited projects. Each project can also have as many monitored web pages as you'd like, within the quota of your subscription plan.

Daily checks

All your web pages are monitored daily for links and mentions. Paid subscription plans also allow you to manually trigger monitoring in addition to the scheduled check.

Multiple URLs and Keywords

Each project can track multiple URLs (domains) and keywords. Which means that if your project is referred to under different names or domains, you can easily track all of them.

Email notifications

Every day, you receive a report of any newly added or lost backlinks and mentions. No need to ever visit the tool after initial setup. All the information you need right in your inbox.

Synchronization with Google Docs

The most common method of tracking outreached targets is still a Google Spreadsheet. Which is why we added ability to connect monitor with your spreadsheet. New monitored web pages are read automatically.

Clear results overview

All backlinks and mentions that were added or lost can be seen under one, neatly designed table as well as per-project. Monitor also lists all web pages that the crawler was unable to reach.

Get started

Monthly priceWithout tax, depending on your country
Monitored web pages1002000500010000
Manual triggerhelpslashtick-circletick-circletick-circle
Add web pages to monitor    
Upload CSV Filestick-circletick-circletick-circletick-circle
Google Spreadsheettick-circletick-circletick-circletick-circle
Manual entrytick-circletick-circletick-circletick-circle
Support serviceslashtick-circletick-circletick-circle

All plans can be upgraded, downgraded and cancelled at any time. See FAQ

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