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Backlink Monitor

Monitoring utility that scans listed web pages for backlinks and mentions to your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

# How is Backlink Monitor different from services like Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic...?

Backlink monitor is focused on doing one thing well - monitoring backlinks and mentions. Its useful when you know the web page you are outreaching to. For example, you are suggesting your product to an existing blog post on another website.

Ahrefs, Moz and other similar services are a much larger suite of products. More importantly, they focus on crawling the entire web. Billions of web pages. Because of that, it takes a long time for their crawler to go through all of the web pages and make notes of what is new and missing. Which is why you will notice a lot of times delays (weeks, months) before your links appear on these platforms. That is where Backlink Monitor shines.

Instead of crawling the entire internet, backlink monitor checks only the web pages you upload. So, instead of billions of web pages, it checks a thousand. By doing that, it is possible to do daily scans of all the web pages and give a near real-time insight into your outreaching results.

Ahrefs and even Google itself can still be used from time to time for checking natural links that appear outside of the pages you outreach to.

# Do you offer refunds?

Yes, you may request a refund through the interface at any time and we will refund you for the unused period. We are also giving away a free plan of backlink monitor for you to try before subscribing to paid plans.

# Is there a support service available?

Yes, on all paid plans, we include 7 days a week support service that will answer any questions or concerns you might have.